Birrka Marnini

Making Things Mudburra
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Mudburra country is located in the middle of the Northern Territory. Our people live in Elliott and Marlinja. In this book, we show you how we prepare some bush medicines, such as bush vicks, and how we collect different tucker, such as hunting turkeys and collecting mussels. We also show you some of our country at Narrwan. Shipped from the 17th June 2019


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Shannon Kulngankarri Dixon
Wendy Hughes
Janey Walanyku Lunjabirni Dixon
Raymond Dimakarri Dixon
Maureen Bill
Sarah Bill
Raylene Bill
Susan Kingston
Johnny Devlin Nangkurrunyungu
Amanda Hamilton-Hollaway
David Osgarby
Rob Pensalfini
Felicity Meakins

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