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  • Gurindji Sign Language Posters - Set of 4

    Our language Gurindji is spoken in the Victoria River District of northern Australia. Sign language called ‘takataka’ is an important part of communication for us. We use it to talk to people a long way away, and sign is also used to communicate with people who are deaf. Here are some of our signs! You can also watch us demonstrating the signs through the QR codes with your mobile phone.


  • Gurindji Bush Tucker Poster

    The Gurindji bush tucker poster provides cultural information in Gurindji and English about local edible plants. It was produced at Kalkaringi by the Murnkurrumurnkurru Ranger group with Felicity Meakins and Karungkarni Art as a part of the Central Land Council (CLC) ranger program.


  • Kriol Sound Chart Poster

    An updated colourful sound chart with words and pictures to illustrate each sound. Available in various sizes, laminated or unlaminated.

    Select a size and add laminating to your poster